Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 39

My Favorite things..start with "G's"

*Notice - These are not something I listed just because it started with "G". These listed are my personal favorite things*

1. Girl Just Want to Have Fun" (movie)- a old classic movie that I used to watch repeatedly with my best friends when I was kid. I love the competition scenes, where everyone is dancing. This is where I first discover Jessica Parker. I share this movie with both of my niece and they love it too.
2. Gene Kelly (singer/actor/dancer)- Who can not love this man!? He is such a wonderful and delightful man. Adore his singing and dancing.
3. "Gone With the Wind" (movie/book)- I have done both reading the book and see the movie. I think I prefer the movie because of the picture motion. Love the dresses they worn in those times. And every scenes were beautiful sight.
4. "Ghostwalker series" (book)- A series book about military men who were enhance with psychic and other unusual power. They go to seek the other women/girl to help them overcome their powers. The author of this series is Christine Feehan.
5. "G.I. Jane" (movie)- I love this movie! It show that women can do men job too! I love that she is a fighter, strong and proving that she worth something. She never given up what she believe in.
6. "Golden Eyes" (movie)- Another James Bond movie. I love his movie and have seen it all.
7. "Glory In Death" (book)written by JDRobb as known as Nora Roberts. This book is the 2nd book and it the beginning of Eve and Roarke first relationship start to developed.
8. Gideon Sullivan (character)- from Nora Roberts book title "Three Fates". He was one of the great great grandchildren of the three who went on search for the lost family heirloom treasure, a statue, to reunited the Three Fates together. And make their fortunes.
9. "Gone Too Far" (book)- written by one of my favorite author Suzanne Brockmann. She wrote about a group of Navy SEALs. But then add in other group: FBI counter-tourist, Troubleshooter Incorporated
10. Gayle Lynds (author)- who wrote one of my favorite book (and I raves about this book alot) title "The Last Spymaster". I only read one of her book but hope to read more. But there haven't been any update on that-- unless I missed it.
11. "Greatest Love of All" (song) - Another old classic song that was sung by Whitney Houston (she was my old time favorite singer). I like it when I was teen. This song was uplifting for me when I was down--I was always down.
12. Gracie Snow- a favorite character from the Chicago Star series, written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (aks SEP). Gracie was determined to drag legendary ex-Jock Bobby Tom Denton back to Heaven, TX to shoot for his first motion picture movie. But instead with his charm and killer good look, he decided to make trouble by turning her plain self into sexy wildcat. But Bobby never thought that Gracie's heart could tame the bad boy in him and they both discover love, laughter, passion --- a match made in heaven!
13. Goonies, The - Another favorite movie I watched repeatedly when I was kid. My friends and I have always been fascinated with treasure hunt. So we would "pretend" to hunt for treasure in our front yard hehe.

Extra Credit

Gumbo (soup)- Originated in Louisiana and later across USA. I love them and it personal favorite with our family.
General Hospital (soap opera)- Jack, Jason, Sonny, Patrick, Mac or Luke? *G*
The Go-Go (artist group singer)
"Gloria (song) artist singer Laura Branigan

What about you? Your favorite things start with letter "G" ?

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Melody said...

Julia, you've a lot of movies related theme here, hehe... though I'm not familiar with some of them. You're really a movie/TV fan. ;P

Julia said...

Yep -- I'm a fan of TV show/movie hehehe. Of course you already knew that hehehe.

Maybe next week, If I can managed, I will try to do favorite things starting with letter "H" with all 13 titles of the books that be challenge...or maybe not for brain is dead hehehehe

Alice Teh said...

I have Gone with the Wind in my TBR but still waiting for the right moment (or, maybe mood) to start reading...

Hootin' Anni said...

I too always liked Gene Kelly.

My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.

Darla said...

Oh, Gene Kelly! Camden and I were watching Singing in the Rain this morning. One of my favorites (Camden's, too--when he was 2, anyway. LOL Now he just humors me.)

anthonynorth said...

Some excellent 'G's there.

gLaDieZz said...

HAHAHA! I know you like me, because I'm Gladys! Wheeeee~


pussreboots said...

I still love the Goonies too. Happy TT.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mmmmm. Gumbo.

Would you believe I never saw The Goonies??