Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart's Website
Romance Suspense
ISBN-13: 9780778325369
4 1/2 stars

Note: Fire and Ice is a joint-reading with Melody and Alice. I have enjoyed reading it with both of you. It makes the experience more fun! Click their names (above) to read their review on this book!

Because of a failure love affair, a California graduate student Jilly Lovitz decided to go to Japan. To use the excuses to visit her sister Summer and brother-in-law, she pretended to go studying Japanese art. When she arrived at the house, she realized that Summer wasn't home and thought that they probably left to spent somewhere else for the summer. So Jilly decided to stay the night in Summer's home, only to find strange men sneaking inside the house and then she run into the arm of the one man she hope to see again, Reno. She learn later that Summer and Taka are in hiding from Russian mercenaries, who is after them. And possible that Jilly become the target, to get them out from their hiding place.

Reno, a bad boy punk undercover agent, offer to protect Jilly and bring her home to United States. But once he got her, danger wasn't far behind. They find themselves running and goes into hiding. But the Russian seem to always find them no matter where they are. Reno find out later that someone very close to his grandfather is trying to destroy his business. And Reno, has the chance to bring down the traitor who hurting his family. But with Jilly distraction him, he think he won't get his mission done. It doesn't help that he has fallen for the American woman, and saved her too many times. And even when Summer have warned to kill him if he touched her little sister Jilly, he knew he in trouble!

Fire and Ice is action packed, romance suspense thriller. It leave you breathless as the book "steamed" the pages. It's a fast paced read, that get you hooked from the first pages until the end. Good writing depth and research on Asian background.

I think that Reno isn't as dark as the other previous guys are, even though he is said as being a tough, bad boy. But I like him because he was different. And Jilly, well the good new is, she know she can be "stupid" (her word) when she is facing a problem that can danger her life, even though she is smart *G*. I love that we get to see or hear about the previous characters again. It make the story interesting. This is my third favorite with Black Ice my first favorite and Cold As Ice a second behind. Bastien is always my main favorite out of the guys *G*. But I love the ICE series, and if you like the dark, bad boy side of the heroes then I highly recommend anyone to read these series!

Okay Anne Stuart fan, at her blog (from her website), she gave us some information about the new novel she is working on call "Silver Falls". What info I read, it sound dark. Well hopefully it'll be as dark as the ICE series were. She also mention about working on some idea with ICE series too. She mention about the trouble she will have if she start writing the new book and then the ICE book get ignore. Then she thought about working both books at same time....I wish her luck with that LOL! Here is the link, from her website, that will take you directly to that update new
~~~>Notes from a Drama Queen

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Kristie (J) said...

I'm still only part way through Ice Storm - I really do need to speed things up! Reno was an intriguing character in Ice Blue!

Julia said...

Kristie - Oh good, pretty soon you can jump to Fire and Ice as soon as you finish with Ice Storm. And I think you gonna love Reno, his character was an interesting :)

Let me know what your thoughts on the books, once you're done with it. Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend!

Melody said...

It's always fun to read the Ice series with you and Alice! :)

Alice Teh said...

I echo Melody!

I agree with you that Reno is different. And... I also know Bastien will always be No. 1 in your heart. LOL.

Julia said...

It always fun to read with both of you too, Melody and Alice! I hope we can do it again soon!

Guess that what made Reno a good character, cause he was different *grin*....and you two know Bastien is min ---- okay he belong to all three of us LOL ! *big grin*

Darla said...

I agree this wasn't as dark as the previous books--it was more... cinematic, though. I could SO see this as a movie, and one I'd absolutely love.

I feel a bit like a dirty old lady, but I really liked Reno.

One thing about this series that I really appreciate is that she didn't just write the same book 5 times with different characters--all the books, and all the situations, were different.

Alice Teh said...

That's all right. You can have Bastien. I'll go after Reno!!! LOL.

Julia said...

Darla - I just hope that does not mean Anne losing her "zing" to write dark book. Most of her book, as Geeta said, are always dark. And that is truth. And I love her dark books! I honestly didn't realize that Reno was young until Geeta mention it. But I chuckle over your remark about feeling dirty old lady 'cause of liking him heheh. But you right, Anne just didn't repeat herself with all of her books. And the good thing is, all of her heroes remain true to who they are. They don't changed at the end....

You know Darla, we should do some joint reading sometime, someday. That will be fun :)

Alice - Oh goody, I have Bastien all to myself...thanks! LOL