Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition #43

My Favorite things: Start With "K's"

So last week, I listed my favorite things start with letter "J". Today I begin with the letter "K". Of course you know it hard to list 13 every Thursday. Because some favorite will be cut from list. Hope you enjoy! --- I want to give a shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Trish (it is today)! Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone - Have a good day!

1. Korean movies - My mother got me addicted to watching these Korean movie online. While I may not understand what being said from the actor/actress in Korean spoken language, there is an English subtitles for me to understand what happen.

2. Kathryn Shay (author)- have written lot of books on Firemen/smoke eater. She had a series book that I adore. Highly recommend!

3. Kathryn Harvey (author)- who wrote butterfly, Stars and Private Entrance. The first book is about the mystery of a woman, who owned a private club for women only. Where they can acted out their fantasy role with the men they picked. But people wonder who the mystery woman who owned that club. And that where you read the story about that woman and her life before she became the owner. The second book is the rising conclusion from the first book. But the story is told from another woman life, who is connected to the woman from the first book. The third book, is loosely connected from the first two books by the mention of the place seen from book 1 and 2. Different story.

4. Kate and Leopold (movie)- Love this movie from the beginning to the ending! Usually any movie with Hugh Jackman, is plus for me. I think he yummy!

5. Knot Landing (classic TV Show)- an old drama-soapish show that I used to watch with my mother, after we got addicted to watching Dallas.

6. Killer Secret (book)- written by Lora Leigh. This book is part of the Tempting Seals series. A great and sexy HOT books *grin*

7. Kate Angell (author)- who wrote Boys of Summer Series, titles are: Curveball, Squeeze Play and Strike Zone. What Kate Angell is to baseball as Susan Elizabeth Phillips is to football

8. Kelly Clarkson (singer) - I voted for her when she won the American Idols title the first season. And had follow her musics since.

9. Katherine/Katie/Kathy..etc - Names I used to love and wish to have. When I was kid, my friends and I used to pick a name for ourselves to play house. You can never imagine all the names we came up with *grin*.

10. Kentucky Fried Chicken - One of the popular fried chicken fast food restaurant my family and I like to go out to eat. It same as Popeyes Chicken except that Kentucky Fried Chicken isn't spicy as the other one is. But lately I prefer Raising Canes, finger chicken. YUM!

11. Kim's Place Oriental Restaurant - I believe is the Vietnamese restaurant that serve lot of my favorite foods: Pho Soup, Buon Soup, Egg rolls, Spring rolls..etc.

12. King Buffet - Serve all kind of cuisine foods. DELICIOUS! Our family go out to eat here anytime there is a celebration of holidays (Birthday, Christmas holidays, Graduation, Anniversary, 4th of July..etc).

13. Kim - One of my high school best friend. We are always together and chatting about everything going on in our life. Since we graduated about...LONG time ago, we sorta lost touch. Last time I heard from her was 3+ year Christmas ago, when she mail me a Christmas card with a picture attached of her(being pregnant), her son and husband. I truly miss her :)

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Melody said...

Great K list! Who says you're stuck at this alphabet?! LOL.

I love KFC!! Love their crispy chicken, yummy! :P And how come I'm not surprised that you'll mention King Buffet as well??!

Julia said...

*raise both of my hands up way high* ME- I said I stuck at it LOL!

And you know what, I almost forgot about King Buffet until the last minute LOL. Thanks for posting comment :)

Geriatric Nursing said...

I enjoyed your post about the books. I read constantly and always appreciate recommendations for good reads.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Another great one -- I love seeing the authors you read because they are so different from what would be on my list. Way cool.

bernieg1 said...

Great list, my 33rd TT is up at 13 Muslim Greeting Cards - I noted the paucity of Islamic Greeting Cards at my local stationery store and so as a public service to Muslims in America, I offer the following 13 Shariah-Compliant Greeting Cards...

pussreboots said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Korean film but I have watched some Korean TV. Happy TT.

Alice Teh said...

KFC!! I used to love it so much and I'm controlling intake now. Haha! I had it's latest offerings in the form of chicken rice. Not too bad...

Julia said...

Geriatric - I'm glad I was able to share a list of favorite books with you. Anything I listed are highly recommend :)

Susan - It always interesting to see what books people are reading. Even more interesting if we both like the same book but for different reason.

Bernieg1 - I be checking your TTs in minute. Thanks for visiting my blog

Pussreboots - Well actually, I should have said Korean Drama instead of movie. But both way fit.

Alice - How is the chicken rice made? I think I have heard of it. Vietnamese style?

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. Have a good day!