Monday, October 13, 2008

My Birthday Fun!

Hey! How was your weekend? What did you guys do? I hope it was a wonderful one! On Sunday Oct. 12, my dad took the family out to eat during lunch times to honor my mother and mine Birthday. It was great but SO expensive! I wish I have pictures to share but unfortunately I forgot my camera at home. Because it's a brand new restaurant in town, I'm not yet familiar with the name. So there goes my dead brain for not jointing it down on papers. I'm so embarrassed. But they don't have too many variety of foods to choose from the buffet, even though there are some good foods! At lease we had great time :)

Almost Five days after my birthday, we celebrated my mom birthday that day. My darling niece Trish, brought a birthday cake to honor both of us (me and mom), and this time it's one of the traditional cake. It was made in golden vanilla flavor with some berries inside. Frosted in white on the outside with berries (strawberry, blueberry and cranberry) on top. Double yum! It always great to celebrate and share birthday with my mom together. It more easier to have just one party celebration. Unfortunately, it didn't look that way this year, did it? LOL! We did take pictures, but I don't think mom would want her face shown on Internet without her permission. But I will show you the cakes and all the yummy foods.

However, I did take these pictures! Below is some pictures of books and foods that I took on the day of my birthday. The one I did a travelogue on recently on my blog, Click Here (click it). The one I promise to show my friend, Alice *grin*. Remember, these photos aren't that great. Not as great as my dear friend Darla, Melody and Alice does it *grin*, but they're all foods LOL! There are also pics taken on mom birthday too. You can click each images to view it larger :)

These taken on the day of my birthday ~

Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
Dark Warrior: Unleashed by Alexis Morgan
The Book of Scandal by Julia London
Dark and Dangerous by Jeanne Adams
*note: The rest of the books I brought are not shown here

I had Mama Trio ~ Which is combo of three Italian classics:
Primo Chicken Parmesan, Layers of Lasagna and Chicken Cannelloni.
At the top is Trish's Lobster Ravioli (the green food)~ There were
a lot, but that was a few left over.

Mike (young brother) order: Primo Chicken Parmesan

And here is my free Smothered Chocolate Cake, filled with crushes nuts on top. To honor my Birthday from all behalf of the staff at Macaroni Grill Restaurant.

And this is one of my birthday cake for this year (yes there are two!):
consisted of 6 small slice variety of Cheesecakes. They are: NY Style, Strawberry Swirl, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Mississippi Mud and Turtle. YUM!

The following pictures below, were taken on day of mom birthday

This is the Eggrolls my mom fried, outside our backyard

This is the Baked Salmon Roll, Trish made this. It is filled with crab meat from the inside and Salmon at the bottom.

This is the Berries birthday cake my mom and I share:
The cake shown from the side, hidden berries inside

The cake shown from the top with berries!


Alice Teh said...

Look at the food pics! I didn't eat much for lunch and am now sooooo hungry just by looking at them. *stomach growls*

Look at the stack of books! (Julia, I'm on a book ban, please don't tempt me. LOL)

Now, now. Your photos are great ok. You must show more in the future, OK? :D

Julia said...

Awww, am no good with showing off pictures LOL!

And hey - if you could tempted me to get to the dark side: foods, then why can't I tempted you with books? Good, now I got my revenge LOL! You know that you won't be able to go book ban for long, but I will help you to keep your promise *grin* -- if I could teehehe.

Melody said...

Wow, you should post more of these pics in future, Julia! They sure make me hungry...LOL.

I want Cindy Gerard's book!!! And that reminds me that I haven't bought it yet... (I've a few to buy too!)

Hope you've a great weekend!

Cindy Gerard said...

Happy Birthday, Julia. Hope you enjoy MERCY~~
Cindy Gerard

Julia said...

Hi Cindy Gerard! Thanks for the birthday! I want to let you know, I love your books - especially the Bodyguards series.

I'm looking forward to read MERCY, a brand new book to a new Black Ops Inc. series!

Thanks for stopping by..and have a good day!

Julia said...

Melody - thanks but I'm no good with pictures --- not the way you, Alice and Darla did it. You guys post amazing pictures :)

Whatcha waiting for, get Cindy Gerard's MERCY - so that we can read it together, when you're ready to that is :)