Monday, October 04, 2010

My Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday! It's scary when I think about how old I am, and I just don't want to think it LOL! So over few years when I reach ages where I know I'm about to head to the next big numbers, I kinda block the thought of it and try to have fun with the 'new' me. Anyone whose asks my age, I would just say I don't know LOL! But it always fun to see people trying to guess my ages LOL! Not sure what I'll be doing today, but we shall see about what happen, Happy Birthday to me! *grin*

On Saturday, I went to my local Borders to get some birthday books *grin*. I did brought some books and I will post it in separate post, later. While there, I finally was able to order some Pumpkins Spice latte drink at the cafe area. It's only available during Autumn season. So I was excited when I saw it's in the menu. It was delicious! Then I went inside our mall (the bookstore are located in the outside area of the mall lots) and got myself a soft Italian Pretzel. I love these and try to get one each weekend. It was crowded inside the mall, because downstairs in the middle center of the floor they always have some promotion going on. So I try to avoid it, took my pretzel and got out of the mall as quickly.

Yesterday, on Sunday, Mom took me and little brother out for an early brunch. We went to King Buffet, our family favorite to go, and ate variety of good foods there. Every time I'm there, the first thing I grab for is Snow King Crab's leg and I dipped it in melted butter ---YUM! After that, I always have Vegetable Lo Mein, Mushrooms w/Oyster Sauce, Honey Chicken, french fries, Wanton Soup or Egg Drop Soup and many more! Desserts are always the green or orange melon and ice cream sundae. And drink of coke. Double yum...I think I had organism LOL! Mom birthday will be this Friday, so who know *shrug* maybe we'll get to go to King Buffet again teeheee.

After we ate, I went shopping for a little while. Brought myself a pair of brown boots. In the last few days, while the weather is still beautiful and it's nice breezy outside, sometime at night and in the morning it get chilly. So, I figure since autumn is approaching than winter is near. So I must get myself a new boots. Ignore the fact that I already had two pair of boots in my closet LOL! I will try to take picture of my new boots if I can remember to. And since I had a nice day that day, I even brought a $30 SAINTS football jersey shirt for little brother. His old one is almost worn out, so he need a new one. And yes, I fainted when I discover the grand total for my pair of boots and his shirt!

OMG, the football game for our SAINTS and LSU team was so unbelievable! I can imagine the upset with our opponent team and I don't blame them. But I hope lesson are learn from all the mistakes for all the teams. Congrats to our team for making it this far, I'm proud of them! :)

Still reading THE DEVIL OF NANKING by Mo Hayder and CORRALLED by Lorelei James. I will change my sidebar and show currently reading, later. I also well try to post some of my pending reviews as well. Sorry for the LONG over due reviews :)

Happy Reading everyone! :)


Melody said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Julia! I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time!!

(Psst...I know how old you are, LOL!) :P

Julia said...

@Melody -- Pssst, we won't speak of my age...right? Shhh LOL! Thanks for Birthday wish! :)

Alice Teh said...

Happy birthday, Julia! You've been a busy, busy birthday gal! :D

Marg said...

Happy birthday Julia!

Julia said...

@Alice - thanks! It sure was a busy birthday teehee.

@Marg - Hi and thanks! Glad to see you here, thanks for stopping by! :)

Literary Feline said...

Happy belated birthday, Julia! I hope you had a nice one. I don't like to think about how old I am anymore either. LOL

Julia said...

@Wendy - Hey, thanks for b-day wish :) I did had a nice one and glad I spent it with mom. And me and you to not wanting to know how old we are anymore LOL!