Monday, April 30, 2007

Rec'd series books/ Cindy Gerard: The BodyGuard

I know, I waited too long to post my favorite books to recommend. But with everything going on: my life, emails, reading books, blog and memes I just didn't had the time to post recommend. Sorry for delay. But todayI'm recommeding...

The BodyGuard series by Cindy Gerard

I've been quite a fan of Cindy Gerard's BodyGuard series when a friend recommend me these series. I started with To the Edge and then pick up the rest from there. And now I'm on book #3, and I hope to be able to read this together with a friend. again. I enjoy the first two books that I read and hope to continue to reading the rest before or during this summer. There are already 5 books out and the latest book #6 will be release in June 2007.

The BodyGuard is the men and women of "E.D.E.N" Securities, Inc. They not only guard you your body but steal your heart and full fill your deepest desired. We have three sibling who were a Former Special Forces, a Former Force Recon, a Former Secret Services and a Former Army Ranger. Ethan, Dallas, Eve and Nolan take their assignment seriously. And nothing too big or dangerous that they couldn't handle would be difficult for them. Along the way, two new members joined in the E.D.E.N Securities, Inc. and the gangs used their special skills and intelligence to service their country and make sure the securities are safe.

Each sibling have their own stories told, and when it come to relationship they not only fall in love but protected them with their body. You would fall in love with the heroes/heroine and wish them a HEA too.

series are fill with actions, adventure, intense, emotion, sizzling hot and romance. It easy pace read with twist and turn. A good book to read to escape :)

Here the order the BodyGuard series to be read:

1. To the Edge
2. To the Limit
3. To the Brink
4. Over the Line
5. Under the Wire
6. Into the Dark (Release in June 2007)

If you like to learn more info on this series, here is Cindy Gerard website.... click here


Melody said...

Hey Julia, glad you brought this up! I'm looking forward to having Into the Dark soon. :P

Julia said...

I hope we able to read the third book together? It'll be fun that way :) Glad to see that you still picking up the latest book when it become available :)

Melody said...

Ahh...but you forgot that we will be reading Ice Blue next! LOL.

Julia said...

yeah but that doesn't mean we can't read the third BodyGuard book after "Ice Blue" LOL

Melody said...