Tuesday, July 31, 2007

50 Challenge Books: July

In one of my Yahoo reading group, members participates in a challenge call 50 Challenge Books. Our goal was to see if we can read reach 50 books by the end of the year. So each months we post a list of books that we have read. We wrote down the titles of the book, the authors name, a tidbit (or reviews) about each books and grade them. It is challenge to ourself to see how many reading can we do by the end of the year. Some get pass the 50 books and then proceed to continue to read until they reach 100. It is lot of fun, cause it help members to find "new to me authors" and learn who have common taste in books that you do. Or just talk about your favorite authors and books. I think we been doing this for 3 years running now. I just never posted it here before but I have done them at my Yahoo reading group. Below, is the list of books I read in July(click each titles book to read my reviews). Since January, I have read total of 34 books so far. But this month of July, I read only 6 books. Lot more reading to go, before I hit my 50 books for this year.

P.S. My good friend Darla is the list owner of that Yahoo group and she is participating in 50 Challenge Books as well. I think the idea came from her. Please visit her blog and see her book reviews. :)

29. Waiting For Nick by Nora Roberts 4.5/5 stars (Re-read)
30. Night Shift by Nora Roberts 5/5 stars (Re-read)
31. Considering Kate by Nora Roberts 5/5 stars (Re-read)
32. Squeeze Play by Kate Angell 5/5 stars
33. Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling 5/5 stars - No review
34. The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann 5/5 stars (Re-read)


Melody said...

Hey Julia! This challenge definitely sounds fun! I've read 30 books so far...not sure if I'm able to read 50 books this year, hehe.

Happy reading! :)

Alice Teh said...

This definitely sounds fun! I think I've touched the 50-book mark but can't be sure because I did not list them down prior to June 2007...

Have fun, Julia and I'm pretty sure you'll hit the mark by 31 Dec. LOL.

Melody said...

Alice, you're such a fast reader! So you think you can hit 100 this year? ;)

Julia said...

Melody - I'm sure you can hit the 50 mark if you keep on reading...*grin*

Alice - I have been doing the 50 books challenge since 3 years now. I hope to hit 50 mark before the end of Dec 31, but thanks for your confidence that I will be too slow to hit 50 marks untl Dec 31 LOL But I gotta say, you are a fast reader!