Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 21

My Favorite Own T13 Posts

Last Week we were asked by Carol, the owner of the Thursday Thirteen, to help her celebrate their 100th edition by writing about thirteen of our own favorite T13 posts from the past or about the T13 posts of others that we've enjoyed. I decided to posts my own favorite T13, since I really couldn't pick a favorite from the other T13 posts that I've enjoyed. They're all great! Maybe I would do my favorite link to other T13 poster blogger next week instead. I want to wish everyone a Happy 100th edition week, Thursday Thirteen!

Below, if you click on each brown texts links -- it will take you directly to the posts.

1. Things About Me - I thought this show everyone who I am

2. Things About My Niece Trish - This show how much I love my niece Trish, who mean the world to me

3. Niece Trish's Graduation Travelogue - This was special day, and it was one of my goal -- to see Trish graduate.

4. Mother's Day: About My Mom - My love for my mother, who is greatest mom in the world.

5. Friends I Appreciate In My Life - To show how much I appreciate my friends in my life.

6. Series Books I Love to Read - I love to read series books, I'm a big fan of it and always look for new series books to read and collect.

7. Top Books on My TBR Piles - My TBR piles are always going up much faster than I can read them.

8. Favorite TV Shows - I love watching TV shows and I have many favorites over the years. The shows listed here, is recent new shows I discover or shows I seen since day 1

9. Reason Why I Love Netflix - Netflix save my life *grin*, it help me to catch up on popular shows or movies that I never get to see the first time around.

10. My Favorite Kid Books - This is the reason why I became a reader

11. Unusual Bookmarks: As a Gifts or Prizes - A gifts and prizes bookmarkers I would always cherish :)

12. Things I Can't Live Without - Never go with out these things *grin*

13. Old Songs I Listen to - Songs that I loves and still do today :)

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!

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4. Tink: Things About Handfasting
5. Toni: places in America that I have been to!
6. Darla: The Anti-TT
7. Alyssa: 4th of July Mainstays
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MommyBa said...

I learned a lot about NetFlix from your post. Thanks so much for sharing that.

Happy Thursday!

Melody said...

Hey Julia, this is a great list! Happy 100th edition! :D

Mom not Mum said...

Great list - too bad I only have 5 of my own or I could have followed your idea. LOL

Tink said...

Great list of great posts. I especially loved no. 13!
My TT is about handfasting this week.

Toni said...

Thanks for a great list! Happy T13!

Special K Family
Check out my contest!

Darla said...

Oh, cute, Julia! I haven't been paying attention to the TT site, so I didn't even know about this. Still, I wouldn't have had time to play, anyway. :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thursday 13 is so much fun, isn't it?
Great list! Happy T13!

Christine d'Abo said...

Ooh I'd missed the bookmark post before. And I love 24 and Heroes too! I can't wait for them to come back next season. :)

Christine said...

I can honestly say I've read all of them, and I love the one about your mom and your cousin the best, (and the one to get to know you better).

Have a great Thursday! :)

Alice Teh said...

This is a GREAT list and a wonderful way to get to know you better, Julia! :D

Julia said...

Mommyba- I'm so glad I taught you about Netflix. It the best thing ever happen in my life *grin*..I hope you consider joining :)

Melody - thanks for your compliemnts. Really appreciate it!

Mom not Mum - but you could use your favorite TTs members poster instead *grin* -- I almost did a post with favorite TTs members but there were so many I like I couldn't chose, and I was tired from 4th of July celebration to blog hop and find my favorite...

Tink - I love listening to old classic musics too, one of things that help me remember who I was in those days hehehe

Toni - Your welcome! And thanks for being here :)

Darla - I know, you need to pack for your trip to Italy. Take plenty of pictures and don't forget your travelogues :) Have good time....

Alyssa - yes TTs if fun, even though I have tough time coming up with ideas every weeks LOL! I sure do need help with ideas

Christine - Glad you had the chance to stop by and look at the bookmarks. Most are very special and important to me. I too can't wait for all the next season of my favorite TV shows to come back either!

Christine - Thanks so much for compliments. Those people I have posted are the most important people in my life. And...don't you mean Niece and not cousin? *grin*

Alice - Hi *waving*, thanks for compliments! As always it pleasure to have you here.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, Happy 100th Edition and hope you have a good weekend!