Monday, December 31, 2007

Books of 2007

It getting to the end of 2007, and we will have to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. I want to thanks many people for their friendship and enjoyment of their company that you've bring to this blog. Thanks for the laugh and fun. I pray and wish everyone good health, money, luck and happiness.

I also want to thank my friend Darla, for your help and being my great friend *hugs* :)

With that said, the 50 Challenge Books have really taught me lot of things about me. It help me to discover myself, redo and make amend. I've always been open with books of different genres. Even though Romance Suspense is my favorite genres, am always open for other genres. And even though there are books that...just not my cup of teas, I appreciate all the hard work authors have done to write the book(s). I know it is a hard work to write it (Thanks authors for writing many wonderful books)! It been a very hardship for me to keep up with my reading for each months. Some months I can read 4 books but other months I managed 2. But to reach the 50 book goal is the one thing I'm so glad I have accomplished before the end of this year. YAY ME! *grin* But by the end of 2007 I have read 54 books totals :)

Below, is all the book titles I've read in 2007. If you're interest, click on the title and read my reviews. There are few that have no link, and that is because I didn't write a review for it. Enjoy!

- Born In Death by JDRobb
- Thrill Me to Death by Roxanne St. Claire
- Tropical Getaway by Roxanne St. Claire
- Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan
- Only Human (from "Lover Beware") by Eileen Wilks
- Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks
- Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
- Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire
- Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh
- Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy
- Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
- Innocent In Death by JDRobb
- French Twist by Roxanne St. Claire
- Montana Skies by Kay Stockham
- Hot Night by Shannon McKenna
- Match Game by Beverly Brandt
- Term Limits Vince Flynn
- Ice Blue by Anne Stuart
- Ain't She Sweet Susan Elizabeth Phillips
- Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh
- Shadows at Sunset by Anne Stuart
- Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh
- The Last Spymaster by Gayle Lynds
- French Kiss by Susan Johnson
- Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce
- Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts
- Waiting For Nick by Nora Roberts
- Night Shift by Nora Roberts
- Considering Kate by Nora Roberts
- Squeeze Play by Kate Angell
- The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
- The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
- Curveball by Kate Angell
- Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann
- The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Eileen Dreyer
- Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann
- Take Me Tonight by Roxanne St. Claire
- Into the Night by Suzanne Brockmann
- Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare
- Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann
- Good Girls Do by Cathie Linz
- American Diva by Julia London
- Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh
- Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare
- Forbidden by Suzanne Brockmann
- Holiday Heroes ("A Soldier for All Season") by Rachel Lee
- Holiday Heroes ("Christmas as His Command") by Catherine Mann
- Ice Storm by Anne Stuart
- Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann
- Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling
- Fallen Angel by Anne Stuart
- Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie


Alice Teh said...

Miss Julia! Great stuff you have on your list. I know where to look when I need to find out about certain books, especially Suzanne and Nora Roberts/JDRobb.

Here's to another brand new year of wonderful reading in 2008! Bye bye 2007...

Julia said...

Hi Alice *waving*, it is right now 11:33 PM (here in USA) and we about to have our countdown for the ring of the New Year! ;)

Of course, I hope that when you do come back and look for the list to read, that it will be the one that you like at the end :) So glad you like Nora Roberts and Suzanne books. Anytime you have hard time finding their books, sent me a note and I will see what I can do about it :)

I too, wish you another brand New Year of wonderful reading in 2008!

Melody said...

Great list, Julia! Looking forward to another year of great reading with you! ;)

Julia said...

Melody - I'm already looking forward to another year of great reading together with you!...are you ready? hehehe